About Us

The mission of eXtension Foundation is to help Cooperative Extension Professionals make a visible and measurable impact on local issues.

The United States Cooperative Extension System, with funding from Cooperative Extension directors and administrators, and USDA-NIFA, shares resources and tools through eXtension that enables the Extension workforce to scale up its local and national impact. eXtension is an integral part of the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) as illustrated in the ECOP organization chart. eXtension is organized as a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization. Its Board of Directors represents the five regions of Cooperative Extension, ECOP, and USDA-NIFA.

Members are Land-Grant Universities paying an annual membership fee, January-December of each calendar year, based on each institution’s federal assessment.

eXtension provides a core set of services and tools to all Land-Grant institutions regardless of membership status. For example, USDA-NIFA AFRI grants are supported where applicable, regardless of whether the grantees are from member institutions. In addition, all citizens have access to the content on eXtension and the Ask an Expert tool. Members of the eXtension’s Foundation receive additional benefits including special pricing and enhanced tools and services including participation the Impact Collaborative, eXtension’s flagship program.

Serving all Land-Grant Institutions

The eXtension national presence serves all Land-Grant Universities, regardless of membership in the eXtension Foundation. eXtension user accounts and some tools are available to anyone with .gov, .mil and .edu email addresses for no fee. These tools include:

  • A question and answer application for groups focused on their specific topics, extension.org
  • A listing service for online events such as webinars, extension.org
  • Publishing on extension.org
  • Toolkits created by the Rapid Response Teams of the ECOP Program Committee.

eXtension’s mission is to increase Extension professional’s effectiveness in addressing issues of importance to the nation through fostering creativity and innovation in developing solutions and methods of work and advancing the visible and measurable impact of their work for the public good. eXtension provides both the general public and Extension professionals with up-to-date science and evidence-based information and education, as well as opportunities to collaborate, co-learn and co-create through its virtual network of more than 15,000 users system-wide.

Serving Members

All member institutions can participate in our flagship Impact Collaborative and use our Zoom webinar services. In addition, faculty and staff from premium member institutions can participate in Innovation programs and teach online using our learning management system and its competency-based tracking and reporting.