Designathon One Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Impact Collaborative Designathon One page for information on what you will do and learn. Visit the 2018 Designathon One page to check for upcoming events and browse information on completed events. Some common questions are answered below.

What Will I Do at Designathon One? What Will I Get Out Of It?

is a two-day workshop that helps participants turn an idea into a compelling innovative project concept that attracts and catalyzes key stakeholders and strategic partners. When you leave D1, you will have an innovation process and tools you can continue to use to get good ideas on the ground.

The basis of the event is the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit, which was developed using the framework of Adobe Kickbox as well as other tools and processes tested and recommended in extension or similar settings. You will be energized and inspired by the other Extension professionals in the room and receive support during and after the event from the facilitators who are also Extension peers.

Do I Need an Established Project or Program to Attend?

No. All you need is to identify an area of need or an issue in your local community. The Designathon One event will help you with creative ideation as well as lean experimentation to efficiently test and develop your idea into an innovative program designed for impact.

Do I Need to Be a Faculty Member or Specialist to Attend?

No, anyone involved in Extension programs at member institutions in invited to attend. This includes support staff, county-based agents, educators, program assistants, and specialists. We also encourage agents/educators/assistants with campus or state-wide responsibilities and regional/district faculty and staff. Graduate students, especially those with an interest in an extension career are also welcomed. Community partners may attend, but they must be actively collaborating with a person at a member institution.

Do I Need to Work In Food Systems, Behavioral Health, or Diversity & Inclusion to Participate?

No, we welcome ideas and individuals or teams working in any topic area served by Cooperative Extension. As we move further into the Impact Collaborative process, those focus areas (plus one pathway that is “open” to any other topic) are defined to help us mobilize key informants, professionals development, and other support resources. We encourage Extension professionals in all topic areas to attend.

Do I Need to Be Part of a Team to Attend Designathon One?

No, we welcome individuals to attend and work on their ideas. You may meet potential team members at Designathon One or develop your idea to the point where you now know who to recruit for a team.

We also encourage individuals to attend as part of a team. It is preferable that as many team members as possible are present (you will get a lot out of being together at this event!) but we recognize that schedules and travel budgets are tight. The person/s attending Designathon One will learn a process that they can take back to their local community, team, or office and use to engage others in validating, iterating, and implementing their ideas.

How Does Designathon One Fit Into the Impact Collaborative?

Designathon One (D1) is the second of six phases in the Impact Collaborative process (see image below). D1 focuses on creative ideation, lean experimentation, innovation, and engagement. Individuals or teams completing D1 will be ready for additional phases which focus on connecting with experts or solution partners, creating a project roadmap, and further spreading innovative ideas and practices throughout the Cooperative Extension System.

the six phases of the impact collaborative process

What Will It Cost?

For planning purposes, you should estimate either mileage (recruit some colleagues so you can carpool!) or a flight to your preferred event. The workshop is two days, so plan on two nights in the workshop hotel unless you live within driving distance. The registration fee varies based on who is hosting the event and the membership level of the hosting institution. In the past, this has varied between ~$200 and $350 per person. Community partners are welcomed and will be charged the registration fee that corresponds with the membership level of their collaborator’s institution.


Do I Need to Attend Designathon One to Be Part of the Impact Collaborative?

Designathon One is a required activity. At least one person from each team applying to the Impact Collaborative will need to attend Designathon One. The eXtension team will make every effort possible to ensure that interested people will have access to a local event or to an Impact Collaborative Summit, which includes a D1 track.

More Questions?

If none of these answer your questions, contact Ashley Griffin or Molly Immendorf.