Designathon One

The Impact Collaborative Designathon One (D1) is a two-day workshop that helps participants turn an idea into a compelling innovative project concept that attracts and catalyzes key stakeholders and strategic partners. When you leave D1, you will have an innovation process and the tools  to get ideas off the ground.

The foundation of the event is the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit. The Kit was inspired by the Adobe Kickbox as well as other tools and processes that have been tested and recommended in extension or similar settings. six levels of adobe kickbox

  • Level 0: Innovation. Using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, you’ll explore the why and answer the question “what is innovation?”
  • Level 1: Inception. Aligning passion with purpose is a necessary ingredient for innovation. Find your purpose and begin building your team.
  • Level 2: Ideation. Engage your creative side by thinking differently, encouraging “bad” ideas, finding inspiration and input, and divergent thinking.
  • Level 3: Improve. Create a zen statement, scorecard, and a canvas (logic model 2.0) to keep improving your ideas.
  • Level 4: Investigate. This is the step where you find out “If I build it, will they come?” Engage with your potential participants and use the table of strategic elements.
  • Level 5: Iterate. Start small, pilot test, and make rapid, significant improvements. Gain valuable insights before raising the stakes.
  • Level 6: Infiltrate. You have a good idea, a validated idea. You have traction and support. Now is the time to make your pitch. Get funding, scale your project, recruit volunteers, or get what you need to take your project to the next level!

Designathon One participants holding their innovation kits at the Raleigh North Carolina event held in January 2018How Does Designathon One Work?

For each local Designathon One event, a Design Team is identified to work with eXtension staff to ensure the event is a good fit for their goals and needs. The Design Team plans the logistics, deliverables, and contextualization of content.

On Day One, participants work through each of the levels using a mock (low-stakes) idea. On Day Two, participants will work with their team  to take their real-world idea through the process. Some of the learning outcomes for the Impact Collaborative Designathon One are:

  • Demonstrate how design-thinking and lean-experimentation can help generate creative ideas, test ideas, and move forward with ideas that are more likely to be implemented successfully with local impact.
  • Engage with stakeholders and create an action plan for how to test an idea hypothesis.
  • Demonstrate the skills to pitch a project idea and build support.
  • Distinguish different types of innovation and give examples in the Extension context.

All Cooperative Extension professionals at member institutions in all program areas are welcome to join us at Designathon One. Premium member institutions also have the opportunity to select a faculty or staff member to become trained as an Impact Collaborative facilitator. Learn more about the 2018 Impact Collaboration Designathon One events, including locations, numbers, what participants gained, photo albums, and more.

The Impact Collaborative Collaborative Process

Designathon One is the second of six phases in the Impact Collaborative process. The 2018 program fellows are recruiting steering committees and key informants for additional mentoring and professional development opportunities in the target areas of Behavioral Health, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Food Systems. The Impact Collaborative incubates innovative ideas and accelerates their development as projects for measurable local impact. Check out the activities and people involved at the 2018 Impact Collaborative website.

  1. Commit – Apply to the Impact Collaborative or register for a Designathon One event (contact Ashley Griffin for application information or a list of upcoming events)
  2. Designathon One
  3. Virtual Bridge
  4. Designathon Two
  5. Post-Work (coming soon!)
  6. Next Event (coming soon!)

If you have questions, check out the Designathon One FAQ page.

the six phases of the impact collaborative process