eXtension Foundation Institutional Membership

eXtension Foundation is a non-profit, member-based organization. Members are Cooperative Extension Services at land-grant institutions across the United States. Membership is offered in two categories: premium and basic.

All Extension professionals, whether their institution is a member or non-member, can access eXtension’s resources, benefits, and communities. Benefits for individual Extension professionals vary based on their institution’s membership.

Is my institution a member?

The complete list of current basic and premium members is available at eXtension Member Institutions.

Victor with droneWhat are the benefits of membership?

eXtension offers benefits to all Extension professionals with access to additional benefits for those who are part of a member institution.

For all Extension professionals: Everyone is welcome to access Learn, eXtension communities, and Ask an Expert.

For all professionals at member institutions (basic and premium): If your institution is a member of eXtension, you have access to the Impact Collaborative, the opportunity to apply for fellowships and innovation funding, a 500 connection capacity Zoom webinar room, and early access to special initiatives such as the upcoming knowledge network and Horizon report.

For those at premium member institutions: Access to create engaging online learning modules through Campus (Moodle) that can be enhanced with competency-based education.

diversity & inclusion issue corps designathon december 2016How Do I Learn More?

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a member of the eXtension Foundation or to find out how you can better use your membership benefits, contact Chief Operating Officer Beverly Coberly at beverlycoberly@extension.org.