Impact Collaborative Facilitator Training

The Impact Collaborative Facilitator Training is a three-day event where premium member institutions can send individuals to be trained in the Impact Collaborative Innovation process. The benefit to having a member trained as a Facilitator with the Impact Collaborative is the knowledge and skills they gain from the Innovation Kit process, new capabilities to hold formal and informal workshops, and skill-building sessions.

How It Works

The Impact Collaborative team identifies a location and plans the event. Directors and Administrators from premium member institutions can send individuals to be trained. Individuals must complete a training application and self-assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Facilitators learn the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit process and become qualified to host workshops and skill-building sessions.
  • Facilitators can take the knowledge gained from training back to their institutions and lead project teams through the innovation process.


Impact Collaborative Facilitator Training & Self-Assessment

Facilitator Training Letter, June 2018