The Impact Collaborative Experience

eXtension’s Impact Collaborative is an experience designed for Cooperative Extension professionals that provides professional development opportunities geared towards innovation, bringing strategic support and new capacity to the system with the help of external partners and supporting organizations, and helping member institutions across Extension find new ways to generate visible, measurable, local impact.


Learn more about the Impact Collaborative process and what it can do for your ideas and programs. We will also evaluate your institutions goals, project teams, and priority task forces to understand where they are in their development and how we can best provide support.


The Impact Collaborative Innovation Skill Builder is an event that helps participants turn an idea into a compelling innovative project concept that attracts and catalyzes key stakeholders and strategic partners. When participants leave this event, they will have an innovation process and the tools to get ideas off the ground. Recognizing that each member institution has different needs and desired outcomes, we work with institutions to determine the best way to deliver this event.

Additionally, we offer our Facilitator Training event that allows all member institutions to send individuals to be trained in our innovation process. Having a Facilitator trained in our process allows them to return to their institutions and use the skills and tools they’ve acquired to help their peers find ways to move from the status quo towards a breakthrough innovation.


The Impact Collaborative Summit helps participants create project roadmaps that are informed by community, expertise, external partners/supporting organizations, and networks. The Summit will also help participants mobilize collective and innovative actions within their community to achieve project implementation.

Engage & Empower

Engage and Empower Online assists Impact Collaborative participants to enrich a growing, innovative, and deeply engaged project, ready to move to the next level, that is reinforced with curated content, stakeholder commitment, and strong community engagement.


Every Impact Collaborative team that implements their project or program will have a story to tell. We use our experience working with teams to help us refine our approach, understand how we can better support teams, and look for ways to continuously improve the quality of our process and help strengthen relationships with key stakeholders.