Evolution of the Impact Collaborative

The Impact Collaborative started in 2016 as the Issue Corps program. The three cohorts of the Issue Corps program are described below. The procedures and the lessons learned from these evolved into the Impact Collaborative. Check out the 2018 Impact Collaborative…

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The eXtension Issue Corps

Increasing Extension professionals’ effectiveness in addressing issues of importance to local, state and national audiences is the mission of the Issue Corps. Issue Corps members, selected from eXtension Foundation member institutions, combine their talent, “on-the-ground” knowledge, and energy to serve as volunteer innovators who participate in creating next-generation Cooperative Extension System tools for achieving increased impact.

Climate and Food Systems 2016 Issue Corps

In 2016, the first cohort of the Issue Corps focused on the issues of climate and food systems. The members of this cohort represent Extension professionals who were already working on issues related to climate and food systems. They self-identified as having a strong desire to work “hands-on” to create new methods for addressing critical issues. Representing 70 projects, 126 corps members were selected. Read about some of the successes of the Issue Corps…

Community Issue Corps 2016-17

The second Issue Corps cohort focused on communities affiliated with eXtension, the Community Issue Corps. Eight projects with 27 members participated in a Designathon to develop concept maps and interact with key informants to refine their program plan.

Diversity and Inclusion Issue Corps 2017

The third cohort of the Issue Corps is focused on diversity and inclusion and includes 39 projects with over 80 team members participating in a Designathon and a series of professional development activities. Twenty-one key informants are mentoring the Corps in their project plans. Learn more about the Designathon experience…

Future Plans for the Impact Collaborative

The 2018 Impact Collaborative is underway with a focus on the topics of Behavioral Health, Food Systems, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Cooperative Extension System professionals have a long, proud history of serving as catalysts for putting research-based knowledge from land-grant universities on a wide range of topics into action in rural and urban communities nationwide. The Issue Corps is working “hands-on” to create and apply new methods for addressing the critical issues facing their communities.