eXtension Benefits: Roles, Services and Tools for Every Extension Professional

Serving Cooperative Extension Professionals

Our flagship program, the Impact Collaborative is the main vehicle through which eXtension serves the Cooperative Extension System. eXtension Foundation also provides a national delivery infrastructure for the system.

eXtension Member Benefits for 2019

  • Engage your leadership team, especially your program leaders, in the Impact Collaborative to catalyze innovation and professional development in your program and project teas.

  • Send one team (up to 5 people) for free to each of our Impact Collaborative Summits – that’s 2 free teams in 2019 (up to 10 seats total). Send more for a low cost $300 registration per person. The Summits include working with key informants, partners eXtension brings to the event, and a PitchFest to win incubation with our partnership development team and external partners.

    • April 30-May 2, 2019 in Atlanta

    • October 14-17, 2019 in Atlanta

  • Send one hand-picked-by-you facilitator to be trained by us as an innovation facilitator to lead local innovation skill-building workshops at your institution. Free registration and travel expenses are covered by eXtension (additional facilitators can be trained for a low registration of $200).

    • The week of January 14, 2019 in Atlanta

  • Schedule one local Innovation Skill Building event contextualized to your needs. You provide the venue and we co-create the program with your leadership design team.

  • Provide unlimited access to our “Engage and Empower Online” programs to your teams, especially your program teams and task forces. This includes electronic publications of resources in priority themes such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and online Innovation Skill Building experiences that can be strengthened locally with your eXtension-trained Innovation Facilitator.

  • Our national Summits are planned to rotate to each region. In 2020 we will be in the Western Region.

Impact Collaborative

The Impact Collaborative incubates innovative ideas and accelerates their development as projects for measurable local impact. The IC process empowers extension professionals to tackle wicked challenges by “thinking differently”, taking risks, designing for impact, and increasing the visibility of their work. Participants gain a network, solutions, and a proven process that can be utilized within Cooperative Extension, local communities and with allied partners and organizations. Check out the results to date.


National Delivery Infrastructure

Members Receive

In addition, Members receive

  • The ability to deliver online courses through our Campus (Moodle) learning management platform, which has been enhanced with competency-based tracking, reporting, and the ability to charge for program offerings. There presently are 425 courses available on this site representing the work of 34 member institutions and 407 professionals.

Learn more about our national delivery infrastructure…

eXtension LearnBenefits available to all Extension professionals, including non-members are

Special Initiative: Evidence Base for Innovation

Woman thinking about a networkThe eXtension Foundation is working with several partners on a demonstration project for creating a “knowledge network” for Cooperative Extension that will not require any changes to existing institutional technology infrastructure. The goal is to bring together the collective knowledge of Extension to accelerate adoption of new practices and “shovel-ready” programs. Learn more about the knowledge network and a recent proof of concept…

One of the resources to be mined in the knowledge network project is articles.extension.org This knowledge base was created by the communities affiliated with the eXtension Foundation and represents a collaborative effort to curate research-based information on 70 different resource areas. To date, 11,880 pages have been published. The site is viewed by more than 125,000 users each week.

Empowering Extension professionals to innovate and inspiring new ways of working are critical to the future of Extension. The Horizon Report 2016-2021: Cooperative Extension Edition was led by the eXtension Foundation and included the input of a national panel of 50 experts. The report and its accompanying web page identify examples to relate these innovative trends and topics to the work done by Extension professionals. Other examples include the upcoming Special Issue of the Journal of Extension on Innovation, which is sponsored by the eXtension Foundation, the Ed Tech Learning Network, and invited posts on the extension.org blog.

How Do I Learn More?

Is my institution a member of the eXtension Foundation?

The list of member institutions is reviewed and updated regularly and as new institutions choose to become members. Membership is renewed annually. If your institution is not listed as a member, then they have chosen not to be a member at this time.

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a member of the eXtension Foundation or to find out how you can better use your membership benefits, contact Chief Operating Officer Beverly Coberly at beverlycoberly@extension.org

October 2018. Subject to change.