eXtension Benefits: Roles, Services and Tools for Every Extension Professional

An eXtensionID is available to anyone closely associated with the U.S. Cooperative Extension System — individuals working at Land-Grant Institutions, State Colleges, U.S. Government personnel affiliated with Cooperative Extension or individuals in Extension-related organizations working on projects with Cooperative Extension staff. Benefits vary by type of institution membership in the eXtension Foundation. Find your institution’s membership in the current Membership Listing.

Benefits Institution Membership
Non-Member Basic Premium
Be a Community Leader. if grant PI Yes Yes
Be in the i-Three Issue Corps. Corps Members in 2016 also receive access to an eXtension Slack account, their own eXtension Zoom room, Qualtrics, custom program support and participation in a special track at our conference that focuses on the process of designing projects and innovation skill building. No* Yes Yes
Schedule a Zoom Webinar for the Professional Performance Hub. (Available April, 2016. Adobe Connect currently available.) no Yes Yes
Create and manage projects in Basecamp. no Yes Yes
Offer a free or fee-based course in Campus using Moodle. no no Yes
Build an Innovation TeamGain access to monthly innovation webinars, custom education via one-on-one Zoom meetings and the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator (ISPI) instrument. no no Yes
Apply to be a funded eXtension Fellow. no no Yes
Apply for eXtension Innovation Project funding. no no Yes
Get discounted pricing per person for the National eXtension Conference. No discount $50 discount/ person $100 discount/ person
Get discounted pricing for Professional Development such as the Impact Statement Reporting Course developed at Oregon State University by land-grant communications professionals specifically for Extension professionals. This does not include other offerings available on Learn.

$80/person Free Free

* With pre-approval non-members can participate in an i-Three Issue Corps project team.

Be a member of a Community.

Anyone with an eXtensionID

Collaborate using Google Apps.
List online events in Learn.
Publish content using Create.
Create a listing in Catalog.
Answer Questions in Ask an Expert.

Learn more about getting started and obtaining your individual account to enjoy these benefits!

April 2016. Subject to change.