Proposal Support Requests

eXtension supports USDA and other agency grant projects. We have a unique system for engaging Cooperative Extension professionals to design and strengthen local programs and interventions to solve local, state, regional, and national issues. We also have online tools available to support local solutions.

All faculty and staff from eXtension Foundation Member institutions can participate in our Impact Collaborative and use our Zoom webinar services. In addition, faculty from premium member institutions can participate in Innovation programs and teach online using our learning management system and its competency-based tracking and reporting (

eXtension user accounts and some tools are available to anyone with .gov, .mil and .edu email addresses for no fee regardless of membership in the eXtension Foundation:

These free eXtension tools and services are subject to change based on funding and priorities of the eXtension Foundation.


If you need a letter of acknowledgment to use eXtension free tools listed above, click here.

If you are a principal investigator at a basic member institution and need a letter of acknowledgment including the free tools plus participation in the Impact Collaborative, and Zoom public webinars, click here.

If you are a principal investigator at a premium member institution, and need a letter of acknowledgment including free tools, Impact collaboration participation and hosting/facilitator training, Zoom, and competency-based learning management system, click here.

If you have a budget for additional services, including member-only tools, Impact Collaboratives, competency framework development, and innovation support, contact us at

Published April 17, 2017