Six Phases of the Impact Collaborative Process

The Impact Collaborative (IC) incubates innovative ideas and accelerates their development as projects for measurable local impact. Learn more about the results to date…

The IC process includes six phases:

  1. Commit. Before deciding to apply to the IC, learn more about the process and what it can do for your ideas and programs.
  2. Designathon One. A two-day workshop to bring out the innovator in you!
  3. Virtual Bridge. Put into practice what you learned at Designathon One and connect with others that can help you make a difference.
  4. Designathon Two. Now that your idea is validated and tested, build a roadmap to expand support and involve stakeholders.
  5. Post Work.  Maximize the impact of your idea, project, or program. (More information coming soon!)
  6. Next Event. Share your successes and lessons learned so that others in your community and other extension professionals can make a difference too. (More information coming soon!)

the six phases of the impact collaborative process