Six Phases of the Impact Collaborative Process


Before deciding to apply to the Impact Collaborative, learn more about the process and what it can do for your ideas and programs.


The Impact Collaborative Designathon One is a two-day workshop that helps participants turn an idea into a compelling innovative project concept that attracts and catalyzes key stakeholders and strategic partners. When you leave D1, you will have an innovation process and the tools  to get ideas off the ground.


The Virtual Bridge assists Impact Collaborative participants to enrich a growing, innovative, and deeply engaged project, ready to move to the next level, that is reinforced with curated content, stakeholder commitment, and strong community engagement.


The Impact Collaborative Designathon Two will help participants create project roadmaps that are informed by community, expertise, and networks. Designathon Two will also help participants mobilize collective and innovative actions within their community to achieve project implementation.


More Information Coming Soon.


More Information Coming Soon.