State & Institutional Events

eXtension members can host the Impact Collaborative to work with project and program teams to help further institutional goals in their states.

One benefit of being a member is that eXtension will send the Impact Collaborative & required Innovation Facilitators to our members once per calendar year to work directly with institutions on finding innovative ways to move institutional goals forward.

The Impact Collaborative works directly with each institutions leadership team on designing an event that is contextualized specifically for the needs of each institution.

What does one of these events look like?

Every member is unique. Prior to the event, we work with leadership teams to understand their goals and what is needed to help make more impactful programs.

We work with members on building skills in innovation, ideating with project and program teams using our design thinking and lean experimentation methodology, and help teams create action plans for projects and programs ready for implementation.

How much does it cost?

This is a membership benefit for every eXtension member. We offer to work with you in planning an event each calendar year at no cost to your institution. The only thing that the institution needs to provide is a space for the event.

How do I book one of these events?

Member Directors and Administrators need to contact Chris Geith for an initial discussion in order for us to learn what your institution is looking for and expects from a statewide or institution-wide event. Once we are in alignment to move forward, we will coordinate a date with you.