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Luster, Shatomi, Jackson, Family Finacial Education Specialist

News Roundup – January

Request for Applications. The Food Systems Impact Collaborative is now accepting applications! Please share this opportunity with other Extension faculty and staff …

News Roundup – October 2017

Ask Your Extension Director if they know how to Kickbox! At the National Extension Directors and Administrators (NEDA) meeting, Adobe Kickbox was …

Left to right: Ashley Griffin, Jennifer Cook, Molly Immendorf, and Melanie Weir

September News Roundup

Design Thinking The eXtension team met last week to design the upcoming Impact Collaborative. We are really excited about it and think …

Woman thinking about a network

News Roundup – July 2017

Working Differently One of the ways eXtension measures success is if our presence helps Extension professionals work differently. For some, that means …

eXtension Foundation logo

News Roundup – June 2017

Matching Patterns or Changing Patterns? Seth Godin writes that it is easier to sell your product (our programs) if you match the …

impact collaborative logo

News Roundup – April 2017

Knowledge In much of academia, we think of knowledge as something that we possess, something that can be acquired and collected. We …