The NEW eXtension Strategy

Introducing the NEW eXtension

Using an online constellation of people, resources and tools, eXtension supports the Cooperative Extension System nationwide. The NEW eXtension provides Extension professionals–educators, agents, faculty and specialists–with resources that focus on:

  • Increasing Extension professionals’ effectiveness in addressing issues of importance to the nation
  • Fostering creativity and innovation in developing solutions and methods of work
  • Advancing the visible and measurable impact of their work for the public good

New Imperatives

In 2015, eXtension, at the direction of the eXtension Foundation Board of Directors on behalf of its member institutions, concentrates its focus on providing Extension professionals with:

  • Professional development
  • Improving tools for Communities of Practice and local community use
  • Identifying and cultivating Extension generated innovations to increase local and national impact

With this focus, eXtension’s priority audience is the vast network of Extension professionals located throughout the nation. These professionals are connected to their communities through a variety of arrangements. All are connected to State Cooperative Extension offices at land-grant universities and may work directly under their management, while others work through county offices. All are equally included in the community and culture represented by the activities, knowledge exchange and professional growth opportunities offered by eXtension.

Issues, Innovation, Impact

Cooperative Extension System professionals are the nation’s “boots on the ground” for addressing pressing and emerging issues at the local level, both rural and urban. Thus, they are positioned to identify and to partner with government agencies, non-government agencies, charitable foundations and private-sector organizations in creating and implementing innovative problem-solving strategies and technologies. eXtension provides all of these entities and the public access to the knowledge and talent vital to developing awareness, behaviors and application of resources to improve the economic and social environments of U.S. communities nationwide.

Annual Membership and Benefits

eXtension is incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit, member-based foundation. Board members represent five regions of the Cooperative Extension System and national Cooperative Extension leadership.

Full details are at the Membership and Handbook page.