Virtual Bridge

The Virtual Bridge assists Impact Collaborative participants to enrich a growing, innovative, and deeply engaged project, ready to move to the next level, that is reinforced with curated content, stakeholder commitment, and strong community engagement.

A 4-H makers workshop. Photo courtesy of Dave Francis, Utah State University

This is the phase where participants take the ideas they generated in Designathon One and carry out the investigation, prototyping, iteration, and infiltration (pitches) they planned during the Designathon One workshop. Most importantly, this phase is where the stakeholder engagement shapes and improves the idea as it becomes an innovative project or program.

How Does the Virtual Bridge Work?

The Impact Collaborative team supports this phase through connections with Program Fellows, other Impact Collaborative participants, and Impact Collaborative Facilitators. Depending on the needs of participants, they may participate in coaching sessions, webinars, team building and evaluation activities, and more.

Participants that successfully complete this phase will:

  • Be empowered
  • Expand their community network
  • Embrace innovation
  • Build excitement and energy for their work
  • Be confident in their next steps